Omaha Sessions

Omaha Sessions album cover

Album Details

  • Release Date: October 1998
  • Album Type: Compilation
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • RIAA® Certification: None
  • Billboard 200 Peak: None
  • Notes: Compilation of some of the the band's early (1988-1991) out-of-print material. Available only from the band's website (and occasionally at their live shows).

Track List

  1. Soul Sucker [New Mix]
  2. Today My Love [New Mix]
  3. Slinky [New Mix]
  4. Summer of Love
  5. Damn
  6. Down South
  7. Rollin'
  8. Right Now
  9. This Too Shall Pass [New Mix]

*Hidden or "bonus" track