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Album Details

  • Release Date: February 9, 1993
  • Album Type: LP
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • RIAA® Certification: Gold
  • Billboard 200 Peak: None
  • Notes: The original Capricorn release has "Fat Chance" listed as the 12th and final song. The newer Volcano release has the 11th song, "Do You Right", listed as the last song of the album with "Fat Chance" included on the album as a hidden track. "Fuck the Bullshit" is also included as part of the "Fat Chance" track.

Track List

  1. Welcome
  2. Freak Out
  3. Visit
  4. Paradise
  5. Unity
  6. Hydroponic
  7. My Stoney Baby
  8. Nix Hex
  9. Plain
  10. Feels So Good
  11. Do You Right
  12. Fuck the Bullshit [as "Fat Chance"]

*Hidden or "bonus" track